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30 Mar

Do You Love Watching 3D Movies?

It’s thrilling, adventurous and mind-blowing; yes we are talking about the real high quality 3D movie experience. Watching 3D movies is completely fascinating and ever since we have discovered the existence of 3D, not only kids but the whole generation is touched by this advanced technology of entertainment. Don’t you all 3D movie buffs agree that it is a staggering experience to see the animated creatures exist in front of our eyes rendering a sensational glory all around us? It is such a great delight to watch all those aliens, monsters and supernatural imaginative beings moving, singing and bestowing a fantastic feel throughout the flick.

What is the technique behind 3D Movies?

3D Films or in a more illustrated form we can pronounce them as Three-Dimensional Films is an illusionary motion picture or a story that is portrayed and produced with an animated technique, visual effects and moving images giving a real touch to the spectator.

If we move down to history 3D movies existed since 1950s in little ways. But as the world moves on the path of technology a real boom came in 1980-90’s with emerge of Disney and IMAX. And now as the time advances we are experiencing a novel change in the 3D film area with multiple striking movies and highly-developed techniques.

3D movies are also known by the name of Stereoscopic 3-D films, it is a tricky technology creating illusions in the movie that is produced on the basis of stereoscopic photography. The 3D movies are filmed on the basis of showcasing you the 3rd dimension of the characters in the film as the name indicates 3D and the shooting is done from two different angles giving you a real and living feel while watching the 3D movie.

  • Anaglyph Technique: It is one of the known 3D methods of theatrical presentations used in the post 50 eras. The technique where two images are placed in an additive light background set up on two filters – one red and the other is blue-green and thereafter in a subtractive light setting both the images are printed in the similar complementing color. And thus the 3D glasses with color filter allows each eye distinctively to watch only the opposite color on the screen, this view produces the illusion of depth giving a great 3D view.
  • Polarization Technique:In this present-day century modern polarization technique is used to separate the images, because in this technique the rays of light exhibited in different directions carries different properties. Therefore when we watch any 3D movie we use these polarized glasses, the artificial light waves scatter the view of eye in two separate directions vertically and horizontally.
  • Eclipse Technique:The main idea behind the Eclipse technique is that it excludes light from each appropriate eye and dark out the other eye by a mechanical shutter or LCD blackening glasses when the reversed eye’s image is pictured on the screen. It works out by projecting the images alternatively between right and left images, and so the shutter in the LCD glass also synchronize with the images exhibited on the movie screen rendering a 3D presented view.
  • Interference Filter Technology: Interference Filter Technology is a very interesting technique but not as good as all the above. The main idea behind this technique is that it uses six wavelengths, three for each eye – specific wavelength of red green and blue for the right eye and different wavelength for the left eye. The eyeglass used to view the 3D movie filters out these specific wavelengths and so the good thing is that this technology eliminates the requirement of special silver screen.

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